“STEALING” Reaches MeBlitz Goal Overnight!

We can’t say much. We can’t say enough. That’s the odd thing about STEALING FROM WOLVES, the super-successful crowdfunding project on MeBlitz.com.

We have pictures we can’t print. Names we can’t publish. What can Crowdwinner tell you?

STEALING FROM WOLVES raised its entire project funds overnight. How fast? “Psychotically fast,” said Thomas Black of MeBlitz.

STEALING FROM WOLVES is a bold, stealthy attempt to right a terrible wrong. The project administer, who only goes by the letter “J” responded to our emails (one month after we sent them) and gave us some updates. Some of which we can’t post, some of which we won’t post to project their ongoing mission. So what can we tell you?

1) This is as real as it gets

A team is currently in Asia (parts unknown) and is tracking down the location of  a missing child. Not just missing, stolen.

2) The team raised its $14,000 project goal virtually overnight on MeBlitz.com

That is fast. Insanely fast.

3) The team is intentionally breaking national and international law to find the lost child

“We begged, pleaded for agencies, governments, anybody to help us! No one did. No one would.”  Those are the words of “Q3”  — one of the team members. When asked if he was a secret agent, he replied, “It would help right now if I was.”

Crowdwinner will continue to add updates to this ongoing project when they become available. Let’s hope that they find who they are looking for.



Ted Allen Rocks the Jukebox!

Crowdwinner recently sat down with New Jersey’s own Ted Allen and spoke to him about his music and his future plans.

Your music is really cool. I was particularly impressed with the quality hooks you put into your tunes. What are your favorite kinds of music to play?

Ted: Pop and country.

How long have you been dabbling with music?

Ted: I’ve been playing piano for over 25 years and guitar for 10, both self-taught.

What instruments do you play?

Ted: Piano and guitar, plus some harmonica and trumpet.

Do you write your own lyrics too?

Ted: Yes, I have been writing my own songs for over 20 years and have written several hundred songs.

You’ve written several hundred songs? That’s crazy!

Ted: I write in two distinct styles: pop and country.

Do you listen to any other styles of music?

Ted: I enjoy all styles of music, particularly pop, rock, country, jazz, R&B, and classical. Billy Joel is my favorite artist, due to his melodic gifts and the way he infuses disparate influences into his work. He inspired me to learn the piano. I also should mention the Beatles, Elvis Costello, the Eagles, Ben Folds, Sting, and Steely Dan.

What are you doing musically right now?

Ted: I released a country CD last year, for which I wrote all the songs but hired Nashville singers and musicians to handle the recording. I received a lot of positive reviews on the CD, but a lot of people also told me they just didn’t particularly enjoy country music. It was always my intention to release a CD of some of my pop songs as well, and I’m hoping my fans and meblitz.com will help me to do just that.

Any special plans for the future?

Ted: I’d love to continue writing and recording albums, and perhaps play some live shows as well. I now have fans across the US and in other countries as well, which has been very gratifying. I’d like to keep building my fan base by creating music that is catchy, clever, and meaningful to me and hopefully to a lot of other listeners too.

Thanks, Ted. Best of luck with the crowdfunding!

Click on Ted’s picture above to be taken to his crowdfunding project on MeBlitz.com.

How To Not SUCK at Crowdfunding!

Best Crowdsourcing Sites

Crowdsourcing is here. Crowdsourcing works, but only if you choose the right website. Below is our list of some top quality crowdsourcing sites that you really need to know about.

Don’t let the size of this website fool you. MeBlitz.com is an exciting, new crowdsourcing site that gives every project a busload of support and free perks!


Finally, a crowdsourcing site that does away with the damned countdown clock! MeBlitz gives you unlimited time to raise funds.


We dare you to find another crowdsourcing site that will submit free press releases or contact reporters about your project.


Every project on Meblitz.com gets a free radio podcast to help jazz up interest in your project. Great idea!


While other sites hype a few projects or play favorites, MeBlitz promises that each and every project will receive First Class attention. And a feature article is just another way that MeBlitz uses to tell the world about your amazing, creative ideas.

InnoCentive is the global leader in Challenge Driven Innovation that bridges the gap between great ideas and actual solutions to drive measureable results.

The global economy is forcing organizations to attack problems with all the brainpower they can muster both inside and outside the enterprise. Unlocking the potential of millions of people to work productively on pressing problems is the power of  Challenge Driven Innovation.

Kluster™ is a collaborative decision making platform — a turbo-charged collective wisdom machine that turns questions into answers, ideas into opportunities, and analysis into action. Unlike conventional “crowdsourcing” that pits people and ideas against each other, Kluster™ brings them together. Our approach is based on real-world group decision-making models, taking into account individual influence and participation. Not only does Kluster™ identify the best ideas, it actually improves them in the process.

Poptent is a vibrant community of filmmakers (and actors, comedians, grips, animators and more!) who are connecting to each other and to companies that want to pay them for their talents. Through our passions for advertising and commercials, we are exploring a new way of creating branded messages for the Internet age.

Poptent members can show off their work, build a portfolio, collaborate with other creators, leverage our deep set of features, and best of all make money doing what they love.

Poptent brands are seeking new ways to reach their consumers and create new audiences. They are finding exciting possibilities that save them both money and time while staying just ahead of the curve of competition. They are, in a word, trendsetters.